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One Crisis at a Time

It's been three weeks since I last updated. Yikes! Since we didn't get a new episode of The Office this week, I thought I'd give you guys some new DunderPuffs to point and giggle at. Remember episode 3x16 ("Business School"), directed by Joss Whedon? I drew out Dwight's capture of Gary the bat — hope you guys like it!

Desktop wallpaper and 16 icons under the cut


I know Dwight is wearing a paintball mask when he captures Gary, but if I drew one, you wouldn't be able to see the expression on his face. ;P Ohh...poor Meredith doesn't know what's coming! Well, maybe she does.

Desktop wallpaper (1024x768)
Destiny lies in the kitchen

Wheeee! Icons of Dwight and Mary Beth Meredith:





Take all the icons you want, as long as you credit theofficepuffs when using them. And please leave a comment so I know you were here. :D
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I think #6 is one of the best Dwight quotes of all time.


10 years ago

10 makes me giggle. lol
That episode was chock-full of funny Dwight moments!
Poop! Hahahah.

Deleted comment

Yeah, I feel so bad for Michael. Ryan totally deserves his relocation to the annex. ;D
Oh my gosh, Meredith is PERFECT! You're awesome!
PS- taking #6 because that's one of my fav Dwight quotes ever! Thanks for making it!!
I'm glad you like Meredith!Puff. :)
Okay one more comment... livejournal won't let me use #6 because it's too big of a file size!! nooooo :( LJ icons have to be 40 KB or less.
I checked the file size, and it's 40.2 KB. Gosh, LJ is very particular!

I edited the icon and uploaded it again. Refresh this page and save the new one. It should work this time. ^__^ Sorry about that!
*squishes* i love them all!

Btw, what episode is your Jim!face icon from? I can't remember.
these are perfect!
I'm glad you likey!
XD I think I'm gonna have to use #12.
Awesome. Thanks for commenting!
I love them all! Just found this and I'm so excited to see more from you. Question! Would it be okay to snag a few various icons to make a banner? Credit, of course, would go all to you! You're super talented and please let me know!
Thanks! And sure, feel free to make any graphics you'd like. ^__^ I don't mind if people make their own graphics, as long as credit is given. I'd love to see what you come up with!

I hope to make another post soon. :) It's been too long!
If you want to take a look, here it is! It's nothing special...just a small shipper banner. Hope to see more from you soon and thanks again for letting me use your icons!
Aww, what a cute shipper banner! :D Thanks for sharing it.
Just wanted to let you know I've featured your Office Puffs in a post at my Office Website, Flonkerton. Keep up the good work!
Hey, thanks! That's really nice of you.
Your site looks cool. I ♥ the name. ^__^
More adorability! Snaggin' #6.