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☆ TAGS, USAGE RULES, ETC. ☆ [30 Jan 2024|12:00pm]
Aloha and welcome! You've stumbled upon the craziness that is The Office Puffs — a merging of two of my fandoms, The Powerpuff Girls and The Office television series, and inspired by the ever popular potterpuffs.

Please read the info behind the cut for guidelines on using the artwork posted in this journal. The same information can be found in the user profile. I just like being repetitive.

This is an orientation, not a bore-ientation.Collapse )

I'm Not Dead, Just Sleeping [23 Sep 2008|04:00pm]
We're just two days away from the season 5 premiere of The Office! I apologize for not updating this site in ages. It might take me a while to get back into the swing of things, but I do plan on some updates to bring you more of the puffy cuteness and The Office funnies.

Mr. Andrew Bernard...it's got a nice ring to it

Here's a blank of Andy Bernard holding an engagement ring. Yes, the ring is hugely out of proportion (and the Puffs don't even have fingers). As I'm feeling slightly sicky right now, I'm too lazy to make icons. Use this blank to make your own icons, banners and any other kinds of randomness you can think of. This is one storyline I'm excited to see play out in the new season!

Hope everyone's as excited for Thursday as I am!
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No Paper, No Plastic, No Work Talk [10 Mar 2008|10:00am]
Happy Monday, everyone! After I posted my previous entry in which I stated that I'm at a loss for new Puffs to draw, I suddenly recalled episode 4x06 — "Branch Wars". My absolute favorite thing about that episode was the Oscar-Pam-Toby friendship manifested in the Finer Things Club. So I watched the episode again for the umpteenth time and made my own Puff version of the club's members in action.

Desktop wallpaper and 32 icons under the cut.

Silence! Invetigation in process!

Return to a time of refinement and civility...Collapse )
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Drawer's Block [05 Mar 2008|03:23pm]

Holy crap! It's been 20 weeks since I last updated?! Fear not, friends. I haven't forgotten about this journal. The lack of new episodes over the past several months has left me with a case of writer's drawer's block.

A long time ago I drew some of the characters that I haven't yet featured here. However, I haven't done any shadowing, iconizing or wallpaper-making. I've been spending the last couple of weeks rewatching S4 episodes (as well as my S3 DVDs) to inspire me to draw some more. I'm channeling my inner Beesly.

But I need your help, fellow Office fans. Tell me what character(s) and/or situation(s) you'd like to see me illustrate, and I'll see what I can do (preferably canon situations). I'm a little rusty at drawing Puffs at the moment because recently I've been focusing more on random doodles. ;P But I will definitely practice and post more Puffs when I have the chance.

Thanks to those of you who've kept me on your friends list all this time. I'm sorry it's taking me so long to update. I originally blamed the writers' strike — but now that it's over, I have no excuse!

ETA: I just thought of something to draw right after I posted this. Now I have to actually do it. Eee! :D
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A Cup of Dwangela With a Spot of Jam [15 Oct 2007|08:08am]
Although only three episodes into the season, season 4 has already provided some great material for fan art. I drew a couple of scenes that are ripped directly from the first two episodes of the new season. Spoiler warning if you haven't seen "Fun Run" and "Dunder Mifflin Infinity".

Two desktop wallpapers and 28 icons lie beyond the LJ cut.


Look right here. It's an old sales trick.Collapse )
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In Which I Can See the Future [28 Sep 2007|10:46am]
A little comment regarding last night's season premiere. Only clicky if you watched episode 4.01 "Fun Run".

Thank you, KevinCollapse )

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Back for Season 4! [27 Sep 2007|05:08pm]
The start of the new season is less than an hour away, folks! Can you feel the excitement? I know I can. This site was kind'a dead over the summer, but I just wanted to pop in and let you know that you can expect to see new Puffs once the fourth season of The Office kicks into gear. In the meantime, here's a quick drawing I did just now. How cute does Jim look? ♥ I just wanna squeeze him!

Jim Halpert, Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute

I won't have anything up just yet, as I'm going to wait until a few episodes air before I start drawing out new stuff. I'm sure the brand-new episodes will give me plenty of material to work with and come up with new drawings to share with you all. Thank you for keeping me on your friends list after months of nothingness. You will be rewarded with more Puffy cuteness in the future. Enjoy the hour-long episode tonight!
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M.Y.O.I. - Blanks for Y'All [21 Jun 2007|11:15am]
Make Your Own Icons

I went through all the previous entries on this journal and made blanks for each character featured thus far. You can use these to make your own icons, friends banners, colorbars, journal headers, etc. There are so many talented icon makers around here who can make better icons than I could ever make. ;P

I ask that, if you use these graphics, please (a) do not hotlink the images anywhere and (b) give credit in your userpics comments and/or journal profiles. If you plan to use the artwork for other sites (e.g., MySpace, NBC message boards, etc.), please leave a comment and let me know. I like to know where The Office Puffs are making an appearance elsewhere on the Web. Thank you!

by theofficepuffs

Blankety blank blankCollapse )

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Men of Accounting [30 May 2007|11:50pm]
I drew the men of accounting — Kevin and Oscar — to share with y'all. Sorry it's been forever since I updated! It's been really busy at work, and I was also away on vacation for a while. But enough excuses. Click on the cut for Office-y goodness!

Desktop wallpaper and 16 icons under the cut


Can I be Australian, mate?Collapse )
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One Crisis at a Time [20 Apr 2007|09:45am]
It's been three weeks since I last updated. Yikes! Since we didn't get a new episode of The Office this week, I thought I'd give you guys some new DunderPuffs to point and giggle at. Remember episode 3x16 ("Business School"), directed by Joss Whedon? I drew out Dwight's capture of Gary the bat — hope you guys like it!

Desktop wallpaper and 16 icons under the cut


I have a destiny in this realm...specifically in the kitchenCollapse )
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