The Office Puffs (theofficepuffs) wrote,
The Office Puffs

M.Y.O.I. - Blanks for Y'All

Make Your Own Icons

I went through all the previous entries on this journal and made blanks for each character featured thus far. You can use these to make your own icons, friends banners, colorbars, journal headers, etc. There are so many talented icon makers around here who can make better icons than I could ever make. ;P

I ask that, if you use these graphics, please (a) do not hotlink the images anywhere and (b) give credit in your userpics comments and/or journal profiles. If you plan to use the artwork for other sites (e.g., MySpace, NBC message boards, etc.), please leave a comment and let me know. I like to know where The Office Puffs are making an appearance elsewhere on the Web. Thank you!

by theofficepuffs

Right-click (or Ctrl + click on a Mac) on the text links below and "Save Link As..."

Jim 1, Jim 2 (sitting down), Jim 3

Dwight 1, Dwight 2, Dwight 3

Michael 1, Michael 2

Pam 1 (sitting down), Pam 2

Ryan 1, Ryan 2

Stanley, Toby, Creed

Karen, Jan

Oscar, Kevin, Roy

Angela, Kelly, Meredith (w/Gary)

David, Gareth, Tim

You might have noticed that Dwight's spectacles underwent a makeover from the very first Dwightpuff I drew, and Jim seems to have lost his tan. :D If you make any icons or whatever, please post them! I'd love to see what you guys make...and I might want to use some of them myself for my personal journal. ^__~ Hee hee.

Tags: angela, blanks, creed, david, dwight, gareth, jan, jim, karen, kelly, kevin, meredith, michael, oscar, pam, roy, ryan, stanley, the office uk, the office us, tim, toby
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