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Welcome to Dunder Pufflin (Scranton, PA) and Wernham Puff (Slough, U.K.), where the employees have been turned into cute little Powerpuff-style characters.

I'm also known as littleyuzu here on Live Journal. I'm a fan of The Powerpuff Girls and of the British and American versions of The Office. I also potterpuffs, created by asyndeta. The Office Puffs is inspired by her artwork. I've been drawing fandom Puffs for a while, and one day I felt like drawing some Office Puffs. So here they are...inappropriateness and all. Please feel free to friend this journal so you can get updates on new Office Puffs.

A few guidelines for those visiting this site:

• If you like my drawings enough to want to keep/use them yourself, please save the images on your own servers and hard drives. Do NOT hotlink the image files — that really sucks. Also, if you use the graphics, icons, etc. here on LJ or on any other web sites, please comment & give credit. Providing a link back to this journal is always appreciated as well. :) Here's how to give credit in your LJ userpics:

Wernham Puff

• The blanks of each character are provided so that you may create your own icons, colorbars, banners, etc. But please give credit in your profile to theofficepuffs for the original illustrations.

• If you're looking for Office Puffs of specific characters, please check the memories. If you don't find the character you're looking for, he/she hasn't been Puffinated yet. If you wait — it will come.

• For a list of the tags used in this journal, please see this entry.

• One last thing. Remember: this is an environment of welcoming, and you should just get the hell outta here. (But not really — please stay and have some fun!)